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Training Program Objective:

expertoption отзывы
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This Training program provides an introduction to fundamental technologies of the AVR Programming and communications Marketplace. Designed with the technical/non-technical professional in mind, this course provides Day-to-day examples of the intricacies and competitive landscape of the industry. This program covers very brief description of AVR Controllers and its interfacing with various I/O devices.

 What you will learn:

You will be able to understand A Detailed introduction to microcontrollers and its interfacing with various I/O devices (LCD, ADC, Sensors, and Motors etc.).You will also get a detailed guidance related to the implementation in various projects.

Training Program Outline:

 Fundamental Concept of C – C -Keyword -Data types -Variables -Constants-Operators – Statements-Decision control structure -Un conditional statements-Memory functions-Strings-Array -Union -Functions -Pointers-Case control structure -Pointers-Linked list.

 Functions – Functions without return type-with return type- no arguments- passing single argument-multiple arguments-Miscellaneous issues –advanced features-call by value-call by reference-pointers- recursion-Memory functions.

 Arrays – Declaration and initialization-Arrays in functions-Array of pointers-passing an array element or an entire array to function- Bounds checking-Practical problems with bounds checking -introduction of 2D-arrays- Strings-Declaration-Initialization-Pointers and strings-string library functions.

 Advanced C – Structures-Declaration-Memory allocation-Structures with pointers-Union-difference between structure and union-Storage Classes-auto, static, register and extern[scope, lifetime, memory problems]-Global Vs Extern-extern keyword- Type Casting -Pre-processor-Macro Expansions-Pre-processor Directives.

 Foundation of Embedded System – Definition of Embedded System -Characteristics-Applications-Examples Language used in Embedded System -Assembly Language-Instruction set -Embedded Programming-Embedded Programming using C-Difference between C & Embedded C-Build Process Components -Assembler & Compiler.

Peripheral Devices – Different peripheral device -Difference types of display units -7 Segments & its types -Principle of Operation-Common Anode mode-Common Cathode mode -16×2 LCD – Applications-Hardware interfaces-Interfacing Circuits for LCD & LED -Pin diagram of 16×2-working mechanism LCD using Arrays & Pointers.

 Analyzing Analog & Digital Signal – Working Principle of ADC-Critical factors in ADC – Method used in ADC -Different types of ADC (Serial and Parallel ADC)-Hardware interfacing of ADC 0809 -PIN Description-Programming for reading the ADC value using port -Working Principle of DAC-DAC Types-PIN Description-DAC interfacing Keyboard Interfacing-Applications using keyboard interfacing. Communication – Serial Communication -Hardware Description-Logical Level Converter-MAX 232 -design-Serial Port-Programming for serial communication-Implementation with Real time application-Parallel communication -Parallel port basics-Pin details-Interfacing with Microcontroller-PC to MC communication.

 LCD, LED and 7 Segment Interfacing – LED interfacing-basic theory of the lcd interfacing-implementation and programming for the LCD display- implementation and programming for the 7 segment display.

 ADC and Timer Implementation – ADC interfacing-basic theory of the ADC interfacing-implementation and programming for the ADC and LCD display- Introduction of timer peripheral – implementation and programming for timer peripheral.

 UART Implementation – Definition for various protocols -UART -implementation-Programming for UART communication. I2C Protocol Implementation – I2C -implementation-Real time application using I2C- Advantages & Disadvantages Applications